If you own, run or manage a business or other enterprise or good cause in the Collingham area, or if you are just generally interested in business matters, then this is YOUR website.  It is run free of charge by people like you, for YOU.  Read more below …


They say that its not “what you know”, but “who you know” that matters in life, a maxim which the Collingham Business Community initiative aims to deliver on.

Running a small enterprise or good cause, particularly if working from home, can be a lonely business which runs the risk of missing out on opportunities as they arise.

As part of Collingham Business Community, you can participate as actively or passively as you wish, but just by being on our e-mailing list we will make sure you are always part of a bigger team kept fully informed on local business-related matters.


Collingham Business Community arranges informal monthly meetings at the village’s Royal Oak pub.  These meetings are partly social in nature, providing an opportunity to put faces to names whilst enjoying a relaxing end-of-day aperitif or espresso.

These meetings also provide an opportunity to raise any matters that are concerning you or your business, in the knowledge that this will then be carried forward to the right quarters.  Conversely, the meetings provide a conduit for keeping you up-to-date with local support and other business opportunities.


Alongside networking and taking opportunities to meet your opposite numbers in other businesses, the Community initiative is designed to encourage local business-to-business opportunities.

Make this website’s business directory your first port of call whenever seeking suppliers of goods and services.  Local procurement helps you to get the best possible services, and is good for both the environment and the local economy.

If your business of activity is not already in the directory, book your free entry HERE.